Mediation “made in Germany” – a quality product

Professor Thomas Trenczek and Serge Loode have published the article „Mediation made in Germany – a quality product“ in the Australiasian Dispute Resolution Journal (2012/23 ADRJ 1). The paper describes the development and range of mediation services offered in Germany today, and provides an overview of their practical use and the current issues that are part of the professional debate. It also provides a brief insight into the German legal culture which does not operate under the same constraints of long court delays and high costs like many common law jurisdictions. Recently the German federal government introduced legislation to promote the use of mediation in Germany and to ensure that parties having recourse to mediation can rely on a predictable legal framework. Beyond this, in some areas of practice, de facto regulation already exists in the form of professional standards and accreditation programs provided by alternative dispute resolution associations, particularly relating to professional conduct and standards of care.  → Veröffentlichungen